Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Bridge Tournament Handbook


Tips for More Fun and Astonishing Success at  Bridge Tournaments

From the introduction:

Would you like to have more fun and greater success at bridge tournaments? Then this book is for you. The Bridge Tournament Handbook is for busy advancing players who want some great tips to tune up their game before heading off to a tournament. It presents valuable information that you can refer to again and again, so can be used as a reference book.

Written for intermediate players -- with a dash of information for newer players.


Bridge is the most entertaining and intelligent card game the wit of man has so far devised.           Somerset Maugham
  • Playing at the Nationals and Other Tournaments (For Newer Players)
  •  Focus, Concentration and Improving Memory 
  •  Convention Card Review, Plus Tips to Simplify 
  • Strategy and Tips for Pair Games 
  • Strategy and Tips for Team Games
  • Probability of Suit Divisions Table
  • Bidding Tip: Losing Trick Count
  • Declarer Play Tip: Counting
  • Defensive Tip: Carding, Discarding and Signals 
  • Expert Bidding Secrets!
  • Card Play Principles: Restricted Choice, Rule of 11
  • Tips from Teachers and Other Experts: Gerry Fox, Jo Ginsberg, Peggy Tatro, Bruce Blakely, Sara Rothmuller, Bob Klein, Kathy Venton, Kate Hill 

A. Types of Pair Games                                                                  
B. Types of Team Games                                                                
C. Types of Masterpoints
    This handbook is filled with hundreds of great tips for tournament success and presents a valuable roadmap to get you on the winning path! 

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    See book reviews below. 

    Tuesday, June 25, 2019

    Reviews of Bridge Tournament Handbook

    Some friends and bridge teachers have kindly provided some comments on my new book, Bridge Tournament Handbook.

    • From Peggy Tatro, 30 year teacher in Terra Linda,  Marin County CA:  Jennifer, the handbook is fabulous! I am enjoying reading it and it seems like an invaluable source for players you are targeting... It's a great aid for advancing players. 
    • From Joanne Pransky, a Silver Life Master from Santa Rosa:
      I stopped in Vegas last month on a planned trip to the East Coast where I played for a day and a half in the Nationals.  And, to treat myself, I started to read your book on my short flight over.   I thought it was AWESOME.  So much valuable information was packed into that small booklet!  I devoured it and got through most of it on the flight (and loved the meditation suggestion!).
    • From Bruce Blakely, bridge teacher in San Rafael CA:  This is a nice concise book filled with great, practical tips on bidding, play and defense, just in time for this year’s San Francisco NABC. Jennifer has combined her "right on the money" analysis of hands she played in tournaments with additional play tips from local teachers and players. It is a great summary which I purchased for some of my intermediate partners and a handy review of key Bridge concepts.   You can take these lessons right to the bank (of masterpoints)! 
    • From Maxine Reagh, an advancing player from Santa Rosa CA: Congratulations on a well-rounded book. The tips by experts are substantial, helpful and confirming. The appendix is so helpful – just what was needed. It is a terrific resource. Thanks.  

    See you at the table!