Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jennbridge: Losing Trick Count Seminar, part I

Happy New Year everyone!  I have decided to reproduce the LTC seminar here which was presented at the Fall NABC in San Francisco a few weeks ago.  Gene Simpson and I had a big turnout and gave a half-hour talk on the subject.  Stay tuned for the next week as I'll present it in parts.  Here is part I.

  Jennifer Jones and Gene Simpson
Fall NABC--San Francisco--2012
Improve Your Bidding--Bid Like the Experts!

Losing Trick Count does not replace point count but is an adjunct to counting points when a trump fit comes to light.  Don’t use losing trick count until you have found a trump fit with your partner.


1. COUNT your losers
2. ADD partner’s losers
3. DEDUCT this total from 24

The answer is the Losing Trick Count. This is the number of tricks the partnership can expect to win most of the time; i.e., if suits break normally and half of your finesses win.  

*The seminar material presented here contains a brief summary of Losing Trick Count.  For more information you may purchase either or both of my LTC books on this site. Vol. I contains the basics, how to use LTC with Bergen Raises, and several good hands.  Vol. II contains the six Bridge Bulletin articles plus more great hands. Questions?  Email me at
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See you at the table!

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