Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Scoring on BBO: Using the History tab

If you’re new to BBO and are not used to computer programs—here is a secret:   Click on everything you see!  Not necessarily in the middle of a game, but sooner or later.  Nearly everything you click on will provide you with information or something useful.
  • ·         You can click on the board number to review the bidding.
  • ·         You can click on the trick count to see the last trick.
  • ·         You can click on the name of your opponent to get their name and statistics. 
  •  You can click on the menu box (with the horizontal lines) at the top left of your screen to call the director, etc.

The History Tab is Where It’s Happening!  That is where you get all of the results. You can access the History tab (in yellow to the right of the box below) at any time.  While you’re playing, it will show you the running score under the My Table heading so you will know how you’re doing.  It’s a fun barometer-style of scoring! After each round the new scores appear, so you can observe your game percentage as it rises and falls.

If you have time between rounds, you can take a look at the Other Tables heading to see why you either got a good score or a bad score.  (Not a good idea during the game as it is a big distraction!)

You will note that under the hand you can see a blue box Next trick. Click on it to see a play-by-play of each card played during the hand. Keep clicking the Next trick box to see each subsequent trick.

At the end of the game, once the scores are finalized, there will be a “Results” box (below) that will appear on your screen.  On that box will be a list of the winners, your final score, including any masterpoints won, and a link “Show Boards” to click to see the hands you played.  The following examples are from a game I played with Bruce Blakely.

When you click on the “Show Boards” link, you have choices regarding how to review each hand.

If you click on Traveller, you will see the scores of everyone.  If you click on Movie you will see the details of that board as it was bid and played at your table—as below.

At the bottom of the hand you will see some boxes.  If you click on Next, you can see a card-by-card replay of the hand.  To PRINT the hand click on the menu box to the right of the tool bar at the top of the screen and scroll down to "print".

After the game is completed, you can click on the History tab again and then click on Recent Tournaments to find the game you’re looking for.  You simply click on the line for the game you want to study, and it will come up (as below).  If you have played hands other than in a tournament, you can click on Recent hands rather than Recent tournaments.

When you click on the tournament you want to review, the following screen will appear and you click on the blue box Results to get the details.

Feel free to leave questions or comments below.

Good luck!  See you at the virtual tables!

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