Friday, July 17, 2020

Squeezing out IMPs

I've been writing up a fun set of hands for BridgeBee entitled "Expert Bidding Secrets".  It will be available soon on their site.

Played an instant IMP game the other night and had this fun hand.

I opened 1 and got to declare 4♠  with a diamond lead. I drew trumps in two rounds and cleared diamonds ending on board.  How can I get 10 tricks?

I tried a low heart to the 9, trying to sneak through a trick.  East won the 10 and returned a heart which I won with the A.  I tried a club to the 10.  No luck.  East won the J and returned another heart to the J, K and I ruffed.

Now I think I have a count on the hand.  West started with 2 spades, 6 diamonds, probably no more than 3 hearts, and therefore 2 clubs.

Thinking about the cards that East has left, I think I see can see the light at the end of the tunnel. East should have Kxx and a heart left.  If I cash my two spades East will be squeezed!

Here is the ending:

I cash the A and East pitches a club.  On the 8 he pitches another club.  Now when I lead my 3 the ♣K is played, perforce, and I win the last two tricks with the A and Q.

(If East had discarded one club and a heart, then my last heart on the board would be good.)

Plus 620 was worth 10 IMPs, part of a 41 IMP total and an easy win.  Out of the 15 individuals in the game, only six bid game and only two made it.

It's why we play this game!

See you at the table!

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