Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jennbridge: Losing Trick Count Hands From Readers

I received some correspondence on losing trick count this week from readers. 

* A bridge teacher from Florida wrote:
Yesterday, my partner and I played bridge.  One hand I held had only 12 HCP but 6 losers so I went to game, making 5.  Another hand I held had 13 HCP but 7 losers so when my partner did a Bergen limit raise, I purposely didn't go to game and bid 3.  My partner liked her very nice 11 points and took me to game.  Down 1.  I was SOLD on LTC!

She ordered a teacher package and will be ordering copies of Losing Trick Count for her students.

* Next is a question from someone who attended a class I taught last week in Sonoma on Losing Trick Count.

I saw this hand in the Press Dem today and have a question about bidding and Losing Trick Count. This is a typical problem for me.

North (dealer)


West: K6, KQ1094, K5, A762
Bidding: N    E    S   W
              P    P    1S  2H
             3S   P     4S

If I'm South, I think about losing trick count. South has 7 losers, North has 8 losers when saying 3S.  So I may not go to 4S. Where am I going wrong? It should be in 4S and made 4S. 

My response: There are many factors involved with this hand.

1.  If you use the LTC adjustments, the South hand can be upgraded to a 6 loser hand.
2.  The North hand is close to a 7- loser hand:  7 1/2losers,
3.  The distribution is such that game makes, but with different distribution, it would not.

In summary, consider all of the factors before making your decision.  When close, look at your aces and the AJ10 combination. The aces can be upgraded and so can the AJ10 combination.  These LTC adjustments are set forth in Losing Trick Count, Vol. II, on pages 17 and 27.

See you at the table!