Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jennbridge: Introducing "Losing Trick Count, Vol. II"

Hello friends--I'd like to announce the publication of my new booklet--Losing Trick Count, Vol. II! It contains the six Bridge Bulletin articles *expanded* along with New Topics and More Great Hands.  

New topics include additional ways to use LTC:
  •   LTC Bidding Chart
  •   LTC in opening 1NT
  •   LTC in opening 2 Clubs
  •   LTC & Reverse Drury
  •   LTC & Inverted Minors
  •   Preemptive Gerber
  •   New hands using LTC in notrump auctions
  •   A Note on Cover Cards
  •   Adjustments to LTC
  •   Why Deduct the Losers from 24?
  •   Using LTC with Bergen Raises
  •   New Great & Fun Hands
An excerpt from the last page:  Every time I play a session of bridge, I get a lot of satisfaction from using LTC.  One of my favorite moments is when a fit is located and I count my losers.  The hand then reveals its potential and I envision a bidding scenario to the optimal spot.

This 32-page booklet is available for $9.95 plus shipping and handling.  To order your copy with PayPal, select Losing Trick Count, Vol. II from the drop-down menu (in the column to the right) and click "Buy Now".

Tell your friends and partners. See you at the table!