Friday, June 8, 2012

Jennbridge: Responding After RHO Makes a Takeout Double

It came to my attention recently that there is a gap in the knowledge of many players pertaining to this auction:  partner opens the bidding and RHO doubles.  What are the standard responses?

Most experienced players play that a bid at the one-level over a takeout double is a one-round force, while a bid at the 2-level is non-forcing--with less than 10 HCP. In the box on the left side of the convention card entitled "OVER OPP'S T/O DOUBLE" it is customary to check the box "New Suit Forcing:: 1 level" and not to check the "2 level" box.

Let's say that partner opens 1 and the next hand doubles.  What should I bid?

♦ 8

Without the intervening takeout double I would bid 2, game-forcing.  As the bid of 2 is non-forcing over the double, however, I must find another call.  The only forcing bid available is a redouble.   I must start with a redouble and hope to be able to adequately describe my hand in future rounds of bidding.  Had partner opened 1 of a minor, I could have responded 1 with this hand, forcing. Note that a jump shift over a takeout double is similarly non-forcing, so I can't jump to 3.

This hand would be suitable for a 2 bid after partner opened 1 and the next hand doubled:

♦ 8

Opener may raise with extra values and a fit, but otherwise pass. 

See you at the table!

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