Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jennbridge: Best of 2011

The big news of 2011 was the publication of my Losing Trick Count booklet and the Bridge Bulletin articles on the subject.  There were also many interesting hands played throughout the year and I am happy to present some of my favorite blog posts.

1. Oh wait, here is more big news.  I had an interesting squeeze hand published in The Bridge World:

2.  An amusing hand from the Toronto nationals:

3. An outrageous hand playing with a student:

4.  A couple of fun hands from a regional pair game:

Happy New Year!



Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn,

Your articles are very good, but they don't really compare to your booklet which is GREAT! Be sure to tell your blog readers that your book contains a thorough explanation of LTC along with your own interesting hands in which you describe your decision-making process. Happy new year!


Memphis MOJO said...

HNY and I second what anon said about your booklet.

Jennifer Jones said...

Thanks Joe!
Thanks Dave!
Happy new year to you both!
Hope to see you at the table soon.