Monday, August 6, 2007

Opening Leads *** good, short

I have been paying extra attention to opening leads to prepare for writing on the subject. It is one thing to read and re-read a table of leads. It is quite another to take all of the relevant factors into account and choose a really good lead.

Here are a couple of basic principles that should nearly always be followed:
  • Lead your partner's suit. We sometimes make risky bids in order to get our partner off to the right lead. Do your partnership a favor and lead it!
  • Lead the unbid suit. Listen to the auction and notice particularly if the opponents fail to bid notrump. That is usually because the unbid suit is not stopped. Lead it.
Here is a great post from another blog on this subject. Enjoy!

Squeezing The Dummy: The Lead's The Thing

See you at the table!

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