Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jennbridge: Reader Shares Bidding Success

From a reader in Kansas.  I just had to send you this letter because it was so cool how your system worked.  After reading your article in the Bridge Bulletin I discussed it with my two partners.  Then I was dealt this hand:

♠ 4
♥ KJ1098
♦ KQ93
♣ AQ9

My partner opened 1♠ and as I had 5 losers I realized that we might have a slam.  I bid 2and partner raised me to 3.  Now we had found the fit as you always mention so I bid blackwood and then 6.

Partner had a good hand.  

♠ A9763
♥ AQ2
♦ A62
♣ J10

Out of 34 pairs only 2 other pairs bid this slam which is cold.  Thank you for making it so easy to bid!  I can't wait for the next article!

Well done, Peter!

See you at the table!

1 comment:

mark said...

Doesn't Peter have 6 losers, instead of 5 ??

Mark N.