Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jennbridge: A Teaching Hand

Here is a hand I used in my presentation to the bridge teachers at the American Bridge Teacher's Ass'n. conference at the spring NABC in Memphis.

Your partner opens 1 spade and you hold:

♦ 8

What's your call?

You begin your evaluation process. Let's see...only 9 points, but 7 losers. This should be worth a game-forcing raise. What are your options?

2 clubs? 2NT, Jacoby? How about a splinter in diamonds? Yes...that seems like a good plan. You have 4 decent trumps, a good side suit and prime cards...no big drawbacks.

You jump to 4  and now it is your partner's turn to evaluate.


He doesn't have to think for long as your bid has made things easy. You have shown a hand with no more than 7 losers and diamond shortness. His 4 1/2 loser hand is a veritable powerhouse now that he knows his diamond weakness is covered.

He bids RKC Blackwood, you show one ace, and he settles into 6♠.

Well done! Losing Trick Count helps you bid confidently to a 24-point slam.

See you at the table!

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