Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jennbridge: Slamming in Philly

Lots of action here in Philadelphia between the Spingold, the Wagar and all the national events.  See the finals of the Wagar tomorrow on Bridge Base Online, along with daily kibitzing of the Spingold.

My partner, Jean Barry and I have had a slam fest in the last few days. Here are a couple of fun slams from the first session of the Wagar.

Bd. 17. Round of 16-Morning, Table 3.

Partner opened 1NT, 15-17 and I held:

♠ void
♣ AQ82

Essentially a 5-loser hand, assuming we have a heart fit.  I start with a transfer and partner duly bids 2.  I then make a forcing bid of 3, hoping to get some clarity about how to proceed.

Partner jumps to 4.  Great--I jump to 6

A spade is led and partner ruffs it.  Hearts break 2-2 with the honors divided and the slam comes home for a push board. Partner's hand:

♠ AKQ6

Bd. 23. Round of 16-Morning, Table 3.

I pick up this lovely collection and open 1:

♠ 10
♣ AJ

Partner surprises me by jumping to 4! With very few losers in sight, I do it again--jump to 6!

♠ 8532

There's not much to the play and partner is relieved when I score up 1430.  Our teammates come back with the improbable score of minus 1190 (!), but we still win 6 imps.

Stay tuned for a couple of slams which propelled us to a match win in the Wagar after being behind 29 imps at the half!

See you at the table!

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