Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jennbridge: Are You Using Losing Trick Count?

Losing trick count is a method of hand evaluation which improves bidding accuracy and bestows good results on its users!  Here is a hand I played online last night and a hand that was played against me today in a sectional which demonstrate this proposition.

1.  Playing IMPs online I opened 1♠ with this hand:

♠ KQ1032

♣ A93

Partner bid 3♠, a limit raise, and it was my call.  Partner's bid should show 8 losers.  Although I only had 12 high card points, I counted 6 losers so I bid 4♠.  A heart was led and I saw this dummy.

♠ J965
♣ 6

♠ KQ1032

♣ A93

Diamonds were 3-3 with split honors and the hand made 4 rather easily.  We won 7 IMPs.

2.  In a sectional pair game today, partner passed and RHO opened 1♠. I overcalled 2 and LHO bid 3, showing a limit raise or better in spades.  Partner passed and RHO jumped to 4♠, ending the auction.

I held:  void/A87652/9874/AKJ.  I cashed both aces and partner later got his ace of spades.  Here were the hands:

♠ J542

♠ KQ10873
♣ 3

Another 20 point game that can't be defeated! Our opponents properly used losing trick count and handed us a below-average score.

For more information (and to raise your bridge scores!) you can purchase my losing trick count booklets on this site.  Also, I'll be giving a presentation on this subject at the fall NABC in San Francisco on Wed., Nov. 28 at 9:15 a.m.

See you at the table!

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