Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jennbridge: Losing Trick Count in Transfer Auctions

We had a hand recently which demonstrated the effectiveness of our Losing Trick Count  "super-acceptance" structure over Jacoby transfers in notrump auctions.  My partner, Larry Hansen, has suggested a further refinement in the accepting of transfers based on LTC.  This method permits the opener, with 4 trumps in the suit being transferred to, to distinguish between hands with 6 losers and hands with 7 losers and bid accordingly.

In my booklet, Losing Trick Count, Vol. II, I discuss using LTC in notrump auctions and point out that it can be used in both Stayman and transfer auctions once a fit is located (p. 16-17).  I note that a "super-acceptance" can be made showing 4 trumps and a good hand after an opening bid of one notrump and a transfer.  A good hand is defined as one with no more than 6 losers.

Here is the additional refinement that Larry and I use:  If partner transfers and we have a 7-loser hand with 4 trumps, we jump to the 3 level of the transferred suit.  With a 6-loser hand and 4 trumps, we bid 2NT.

Larry opened 1NT and I bid 2, a transfer to spades, with this hand:


Larry jumped to 3♠, a bid we define as a 7-loser hand with 4 trumps.  Now it was my bid.

Although I had only 6 high card points, I had 7 losers.  My 7 losers opposite his 7 losers rated to make a game so I bid 4♠.



This 21-point game was a cinch to make. Larry scored up 650 which was a top.  One other pair bid game and made 4.

See you at the table!


Memphis MOJO said...

Over 2nt do you play retransfers or something else?

Jennifer Jones said...

Hi Memphis Mojo. Thanks for your question. Here is Larry's answer:

I play that 3(M-1) is a re-transfer. I allow responder the option to play the hand himself, if he thinks that there is reason to do so.
3(M-1) is a re-transfer, after which responder can…
bid 4M
Others are slammish
3M and 4M by responder are both to play
All other bids are slammish.

One of the objections of a Bergen 3M bid is that it sometime fails, when others are playing 2M making.
I have eliminated the 8 loser 1Nt hand with 4 card support from the mix.