Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jennbridge: Losing Trick Count update 2013

Here's a recent comment on losing trick count from a friend and bridge teacher in Mississippi.

Last week I was playing w Allan Siebert & I underbid 4 hands. I use Bergen points, but had gotten lazy in applying LTC as well. Afterwards, when I applied LTC, it said to bid on all 4. So, I re-read your booklet & ordered 5 more for partners. I now put Jenn’s LTC on my convention cards to remember to use it. Thanks, Rick

Another bridge teacher, this one from Florida, getting ready to teach a seminar on LTC with my materials recently sent me this email:  I have just started to go through the LTC seminar materials. I am going to use this in my local club lessons. My question had to do with a response from an expert who does not consider LTC a proper hand evaluation method.  How does the expert population look at LTC? I need some reasons to convince my partner to use this evaluation method. Thanks for your help.

My response:  LTC is well accepted among expert tournament players.  Here are two comments from well known experts from the back of my booklet, Losing Trick Count, Vol. II:

It’s about time bridge players learn something besides point counting!
Ron Smith, San Francisco, bridge professional, ACBL Grand Life Master 
Average players can compete against experts if they understand and use losing trick count!
Gene Simpson, bridge professional, ACBL Grand Life Master

Baron Barclay News

Jennbridge has had a lot of visitors due to Losing Trick Count and Losing Trick Count Vol. II being featured in the current edition of the Baron Barclay Bridge Supply catalog and in a recent Baron Barclay email to customers.  Hello to all and thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to email me your losing trick count bidding questions.

On a Personal Note: All of my partners, as well as the folks I mentor, are strong adherents of losing trick count.  Many of them also play it with Bergen raises as suggested in my booklet.  It is a pleasure to conduct intelligent, not to mention accurate, bidding sequences with them, and I'd like to thank them as well!

See you at the table!

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