Monday, May 11, 2020

I Couldn't Believe My Eyes

I enjoy playing in the daylong IMP pair games on BBO.  Playing with and against robots, a large number of people enter the daily events, and you can play at your leisure--all 12 boards at once or divided up during the day.

I am still shaking my head at this one.  I was sitting South Vul vs. NV.

East (RHO) dealt and opened 1 and I had a nice hand.


I overcalled 1 and LHO bid 1.  Robot partner bid 2 and it was passed to me.  This hand had potential and I decided to trot out the bid of 2.  The auction accelerated.

3 by LHO, 4 by partner, 5 by RHO, 5 by me, pass, 5 by partner, pass, pass double!

Uh-oh I thought.  What kind of trouble has my robot partner gotten me into this time?! What kind of disaster did my 2 bid on AK72 precipitate?

The dummy hit and I couldn't believe my eyes!

Now this is a dummy...6-card trump support, Kxx in your first bid suit, and first round controls in the other two suits! (How about a 1 bid on the first round of bidding, pard!?) Of course, an expert pair would probably have found a way to get to slam, but..hey...playing with the robots, I'm relatively happy.

I won the heart lead, drew trump, guessed the diamonds, and made seven.
5x making 7 resulted in the nice score of +1250!

A gain of 9 IMPs and a fun hand for the blog.  All in a days' work on BBO.

See you at the virtual tables!


Jennifer Jones said...

From Bob Klein

Nice post! Plus 1250 is a nice result in lieu of bidding a slam.

It's often hard to figure out how the robots bid. Sometimes they underbid and other times they make ridiculous jumps to high levels. It's hard to imagine that the robot would not have bid 1S initially, but after hearing partner bid 2S, I might have jumped directly to 6S. (They don't play exclusion so don't have a 5C bid available.)

Memphis MOJO said...

Cute hand, thanks for sharing.