Tuesday, June 30, 2020

NABC Robot Individual Practice hands Day 2

The second practice day had its ups and downs.  The robots misdefended on a few boards and I received good scores.  On one hand they took the first 5 tricks in 3NT and I went down, whereas the contract was made at other tables.

Here are a couple of fun hands that contributed to my 62% score.

1.  On this hand, after two passes, East opened 2 and I was faced with a typical bidding dilemma:  Should I offer a meek pass or an aggressive overcall?  I opted for a 2NT overcall and my robot partner raised to 3NT.

A heart was led which I won in my hand with the J.  When West won the A a spade was then led which I won with the A. Now I can start counting my tricks.  2, 3, 2, and if the diamond finesse works, I will have 9 tricks.

The finesse worked, and I also got an extra club trick.  The 10 and 9 fell doubleton, making the 8 good on the board.

Plus 630 was worth 90% of the matchpoints.

2.  On this hand I had to decide what to open with my unbalanced 20-count.

I decided 2NT would be about right.  North bid 3, transfer, and I figured my hand was even more valuable in hearts, so I jumped to 4. The A was led and the dummy was--in a word--disappointing.

West shifted to a diamond won by East and a diamond was continued, which I ruffed.  I was pleased to see trumps break 2-2 and when West won the A he shifted to a club, which was quite helpful. The defense was friendly, but the hand can often be made as a spade can be ruffed on the board and a successful club finesse taken. Most other pairs played in 1, but a hand that opened 2 played 3.

I scored up my plus 420 for a 97% score.

I guess the moral of this story is Bid 'Em Up!

See you at the virtual table!

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