Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jennbridge: Bridge World Letter

The Bridge World has published a letter of mine in the July issue and titled it Temporarily a Trump Squeeze.  It pertains to a hand I wrote up in my blog as  They have given me permission to reprint it here.

Temporarily a Trump Squeeze
To The Editor:
As South, playing in three spades, I had lost three tricks, was on lead, and had a complete distributional count here:

♠ J 8

♣ K J 3
♠ —

J 6 3
♣ ? ? ?
♠ Q
J 7 4

♣ ? ?
♠ 5

A 10
♣ A 10 9

After I cashed the club ace-king and the queen failed to drop, I led a trump, and West was squeezed on the next trick.   
Jennifer Jones  Santa Rosa, CA

This apparently-uncommon form of squeeze (sometimes necessary; leading a trump would fail if there were no club tenace) matches the current usual definition of "trump squeeze", which is:  "a squeeze in which the ability to ruff after the squeeze is consummated is essential", for North must be able to ruff after West unguards a minor.  Bridge lexicography is one tough game--almost as tough as bridge itself!  We are inserting "in a menace suit"  after "ruff" in our definition in the Glossary at  So today this is a stepping-stone trump squeeze, but tomorrow it will be a fratricidal simple squeeze.

I agree--I'd rather try to execute the play than handle the lexicography!  For a complete description of the hand see my original blog entry:

For more information on The Bridge World, go to:

See you at the table!

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