Monday, December 5, 2011

Jennbridge: Kibitzing the Reisinger

I came home early from the NABC in Seattle and had the opportunity to witness some fine play, along with expert commentary on Bridgebase.  This hand was particularly impressive.

Reisinger-A Pretty Play

Board 5
North Deals
N-S Vul
♠ 10 9 7
Q 10 8 3
♣ J 7 6 5 3
♠ A K J 5
10 9 7 2
K 9
♣ A 9 8
♠ 8 2
A K Q J 5 4 3
J 5
♣ Q 10
♠ Q 6 4 3
A 7 6 4 2
♣ K 4 2
Pass1 Pass
2 ♣Pass3 Pass
3 ♠Pass4 Pass
6 NTAll pass
6 NT by West
First, the bidding. After Versace made a 2/1 game forcing bid, Lauria availed himself of the opportunity to make a jump rebid in , a bid showing a solid suit after a 2/1 bid. After a ♠ cuebid by Versace and a 4 bid by Lauria, Versace could envision a large number of tricks and pulled out the master bid: 6NT! This bid was designed to protect his king, take advantage of any other opening lead and gain that all-important extra 10 points in the BAM event.

A diamond was led and the best was yet to come--the play! South returned a after winning the ace and Versace prepared his squeeze. Before running his hearts, he carefully cashed the ♣ ace (a Vienna Coup), and also cashed the king and the ♠ ace.

Now on the run of the hearts South, forced to make 6 discards, was unable to both hold onto his ♣ king and keep the spades guarded. As the ♣ king had not made an appearance by the time all of the hearts had been played, Versace led the last ♠. The ♠ queen was played perforce and he claimed his slam for a win on the board. His opponents stopped in a pedestrian 4.

Not surprisingly, this pair was on the winning Cayne team:

Included in the online commentary during the day was a valuable monologue by expert Karen McCallum, who gave several tips on playing board-a-match, which she referred to as "matchpoints to the 10th degree".  I'm writing up her tips to present at a later time.

For good measure there was some humor sprinkled in the commentary, to wit:  I don't know their agreements, but it looks like he added some points for (previously) passing!

See you at the table!

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