Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jenn's Losing Trick Count booklet

Because of my article in the December issue of the Bridge Bulletin, I am getting more inquiries about the booklet I've written on losing trick count.  A description of the booklet, a review by a fellow bridge blogger, and ordering information are available by clicking on the links to the right. Here is some additional information from the back of the booklet:

This “boutique booklet” provides a clear explanation of the basics of losing trick count. A dozen of the author’s own deals demonstrate its effectiveness. Jennifer makes an important bidding contribution as she presents a system of combining losing trick count with Bergen raises.  From sectional team games to the World Mixed Pairs, she takes the reader through her entertaining and instructive hands.   Valuable and enjoyable--a worthwhile addition to any bridge library! 
Informative, educational and well written.  Clears up several questions I had about the effective use of losing trick count.

Improve your game and win more often!  Start using Losing Trick Count today!

See you at the table! 


Memphis MOJO said...

Read your article in the Bridge Bulletin -- nice job.

Jennifer Jones said...

Thanks Dave! Great to see you in Seattle. Looking forward to playing online soon...:-)

Anonymous said...

Jennifer--I am enjoying your booklet and looking forward to more articles--thank you!

joel barkoff said...

I would like to download your pamphlet onto my Droid if possible.Can you help me?

Jennifer Jones said...

Joel--no plans at thie time to have the book available for your Droid. Thanks!