Friday, January 4, 2013

Jennbridge: Losing Trick Count Seminar, part II

Here is part II of the LTC seminar presented at the San Francisco NABC:  Bid Like the Experts!

  • ·         Count losers only in the first three cards of each suit.  The 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. cards in a suit are not counted as losers. There are never more than 3 losers in a suit.  
  • ·         With 3 or more cards in a suit count the A, K and Q as winners; cards below the queen as losers.
  • ·         With 2 cards in a suit count the A and K as winners; anything lower as a loser.
  • ·         With only one card in a suit:  all singletons other than the A are counted as 1 loser.
  • ·         Count unsupported queens as ½ loser. (Q64 has 2½ losers--QJ4 has only 1 loser.)

Some Examples for Clarification:

AKQxx no losers                    KQx 1 loser                             Kxxxx 2 losers
AKxxx 1 loser                         Axxxx 2 losers                         xx 2 losers
            Axx 2 losers                             Jxxx 3 losers                             Kx 1 loser

*The seminar material presented here contains a brief summary of Losing Trick Count.  For more information you may purchase either or both of my LTC books on this site. Vol. I contains the basics, how to use LTC with Bergen Raises, and several good hands.  Vol. II contains the six Bridge Bulletin articles plus more great hands. Questions?  Email me at

Next: How to apply LTC in practice.

See you at the table! 

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