Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Losint Trick Count Q & A

Here's an email I received this week about using Losing Trick Count.

Hi Jennifer,

Question on how the bidding should have gone with a 1,5,6,1 distribution please.

N: S K84, H QJ3, D J2, C J976         7LTC, 12 pts
S: S 97652, H K5, D K53, C 643      9LTC, 6 pts
E: S AQJ3, H 862, D AJ, C AT98      7LTC, 16 pts
W: S T, H AT974, D QT9842, C 7   6LTC, 6pts

I was West and with a 6 losing trick count opened 1H. Right, Wrong?

Bidding: P – 1H – P – 1S; P - 2D – P – 3NT we went down 1

Bridge printout says we make 2NT, 4H, 4D.

So with my 5-6 west hand, should I have opened or passed?
Or how should this board have been bid? Maybe to get to 4H or 4D?

At this time, we are playing Standard American. Any thoughts on how to evaluate and bid this board etc. would be greatly appreciated?

Thank you.


Dear 6-5 friend,

Although you only have six losers, you don't have enough HCP to open the bidding. You should be "in the range" – probably at least 10 HCP. Also remember this: losing trick count does not really apply until you find a fit.
That being said – once you open, your partner has heart support and should always take you to game in hearts, not NT!
Now let's look at how the auction should have gone. Your partner would open 1NT and you would transfer to hearts. Now you might consider taking another call, say, 3D, at which point he would jump to four hearts with his maximum. His hand will play great in hearts with his aces, three trumps and ruffing value.

Good luck!

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See you at the table!

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BridgeBob said...

Thank you so much Jenn, my wife and I just had major disagreement on this as she thinks 6-5 , come alive, but not when your opener say I, I am counting on at least 11hcp. Love your column and been following you for years!!!