Sunday, September 22, 2019

A One (1) Loser Hand!

Playing pairs at the Santa Rosa Sectional yesterday, I was stunned to pick up this hand.

♠ AKQ1092
♣ AKQ4

I didn't bother counting the points...I don't think I've ever seen a hand like this!

After RHO passed, I duly opened 2♣. Partner, Bob Klein, bid 2, waiting, and I bid 2♠.

As he considered his rebid, I considered mine. "If he shows a 'double negative', I will still bid a slam", I thought. Or...he may hold one of the other kings which would be great.

4♠ was his rebid.  Wow!  Not a strong bid, but showing a little something.

I couldn't resist. From the bidding box I pulled out the 7♠ card!

Everyone at the table was quite surprised.

Now let's see what he's got.  The J♣ was led.

♠ J75

♠ AKQ1092
♣ AKQ4

There it was--the K!  Now I needed to be able to get to the board, and that could be accomplished in a couple of different ways.  If spades broke 2-2 it would be easy.

I played the A♠ and K♠ and all followed!  Now I cashed the A and the top clubs (which broke 4-2) and ruffed the 4th club with the J♠. My diamond loser was discarded on the K and I scored up my grand.

At the end of the round, Bob asked me what my hand was and pointed out that it was a ONE LOSER HAND! (Bd. 13, second session.)

I could have bid RKC and then asked for kings to arrive at the same contract.  I kind of liked to just leap there, however, due to a bit of fun bridge superstition I have. I refer occasionally to the "Bridge Gods" and believe that if you don't pay maximum respect to great hands, that the Bridge Gods will not bless you with others in the future!

Plus 2210 was worth 15 out of 19 matchpoints and helped us to a high overall finish.

See you at the table!

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