Sunday, August 18, 2019

Tip from Bridge Tournament Handbook Leads to Great Score

This email just arrived from Laura Kenney, wife of Gene Simpson, popular bridge professional. Laura is an excellent player in her own right, and recently bought my new book in Terra Linda.

Gene and I had a sit-out for boards 29 and 30.  I started reading your book.  Of note is page 10 on competitive bidding.

Shortly thereafter, I was sitting South for Board 3.   I dealt and passed. West opened 1D, my partner passed, and East thereafter preempted 3D. 

While it may be that a 3H call by South is an obvious choice for a good bridge player, I was a bit afraid to make it, especially since my partner  could not bid over West's 1D opener (and Gene and I make very light overcalls).  In any event, you inspired me to bid 3H -- you really did -- and that got us a good result.....I was down one and 3D was cold.  The most common result on the board was E-W plus 110.

So thank you!

Thank you Laura!  Here is the hand she is referring to:

Board 3
South Deals
E-W Vul
J 9 8
Q J 10
A 7 2
10 9 5 3
A 7 6
K 5 2
K J 10 3
K 8 7


K 10 5
9 8
Q 9 8 5 4
Q J 2

Q 4 3 2
A 7 6 4 3
A 6 4

As South, Laura passed initially.  West opened 1, East jumped to 3 and it was her call. She was a little reluctant to come in with a 3bid, but that bid led to an 80% board.

The tip she refers to from my book is actually a fabulous tip from Marty Bergen, a great writer and teacher. One of a collection of tips from some of the best bridge writers in the country.  The Bridge Tournament Handbook will transform your game.  Buy now to read this tip and many more like it!

See you at the table!

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