Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Bridge Tournament Handbook News

Baron Barclay is now carrying Bridge Tournament Handbook (baronbarclay.com).

Their blast email, which came out today, featured it in the New Book section.  Here is the description:

With decades of high-level tournament bridge experience, Jennifer Jones knows what skills are essential to tournament success. She presents this impressive collection of tips on key bridge topics with clarity, illustrating them with her own exciting tournament hands.

Packed with outstanding bridge resources, plus hundreds of great tournament tips from Jennifer and other bridge teachers and experts, this handbook will lift your game to a new level.

The "Secrets of the Experts" section presents valuable bids and concepts not ordinarily included in bridge classes and books, and the section on Counting is quite instructive.

Experienced players can refresh their recollection of fundamental concepts such as Losing Trick Count, Restricted Choice, Rule of 11 and the table of suit-break odds, while newcomers can study the types of pair and team games played at NABCs in the appendices.

Jennifer's personal account of her focused approach to a session of tournament bridge is enlightening, as are the descriptions of her thoughts as she bids and plays challenging and interesting hands.

*Joanne P., a Silver Life Master from my Santa Rosa club sent me a nice comment on the book:

I stopped in Vegas last month on a planned trip to the East Coast where I played for a day and a half in the Nationals.  And, to treat myself, I started to read your book on my short flight over.   I thought it was AWESOME.  So much valuable information was packed into that small booklet!  I devoured it (not sure I'll remember any of it) and got through most of it on the flight (and loved the meditation suggestion!).

Thanks Joanne!

See you at the table!

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