Monday, April 20, 2020

Jump Rebids by Opener after a 2/1 Bid

Here are a couple more slams that I enjoyed bidding recently. Lots of slams on BBO!

After I open 1 and my robot partner bids a game-forcing 2, note my jump to 3.  It shows a good hand and sets trump. The bid shows a long suit with no more than one loser. Playing with a good partner I would expect some cue-bidding to ensue, especially given that partner has a hand with prime controls and spade support.  

My robot partner merely raised to game, however, and it was up to me to bid RKC and hope for the best.  Once I learned that there were two aces, the slam was easy to bid.

Surprisingly, plus 980 for 6 was worth about 80% of the matchpoints!

This next one is a beauty and this time it was my partner's turn to make a jump rebid setting trump after I made a 2/1 bid.  Partner, Bruce Blakely opened 1, I bid 2 and he jumped to 3, setting trump.  This was rather astonishing as I had 4 key cards.

I duly bid 4NT and he responded 5, showing one key card, the A. I now bid 5, verifying that he had the Q.  He responded 6, confirming that he had the Q and additionally, the K.  This was enough for me and I jumped to 7!

There was nothing to the play as 13 tricks were there for the taking--even at notrump.

Plus 1510 was worth 88.5% of the matchpoints.

See you at the (virtual) table!


Memphis MOJO said...

I'm enjoying your lastest blog pieces! Thanks.

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