Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Online bridge!

How is YOUR online bridge coming along? Don't be left's fun and "everyone is doing it"! We bridge players are kinda lucky as we can continue to engage in one of our favorite pastimes during this difficult period of time.

Here are some of the things I am doing:
  • I am enjoying playing in the ACBL "Support Your Clubs" games at at 2:00 or 4:30 PDT. (The morning game is too early.)  I enjoy the two-hour matchpoint games from the comfort of my home. Plus it's not too difficult to win a master point (or a few).
  • is full day and night, it seems, with tournament games all day, including speedball games, kibitzing of high-level matches, playing with robots--individually or with friends, and much more. 
  • Helping some of my social bridge and rubber bridge friends sign up and learn to set up tables so that they can continue to play during this period while we are at home.
  • Learning to set up team games.  Tonight my Santa Rosa "Jenn" team will play a knockout match against another Santa Rosa team.  If this goes well, I plan to set up a Sonoma County vs. Marin County match! Contact me if you want to schedule a match.
  • has some knockouts going and I am a member of a team which is participating.

Stay well. See you online!
BBO user name:  Jenn

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