Friday, May 25, 2007

Team Tactics II

In looking over our card from the other night I need a calculator to add up all the imps we scored from bidding our games while our opponents failed to bid theirs. At first glance it is about 50 imps. This is during a session of 4 six board matches.

Here is a good rule of thumb for bidding games at imp scoring. When you are vulnerable, bid a game if you have a 37.5% chance to make it. If you are not vul. you need about a 45% chance. (Compare matchpoints where you want a full 50% chance.)

Be aggressive with touching honors, good spots, long suits and aces. If it's close, bid the game. The defenders do not always defend perfectly and you can often win a trick on the opening lead or in the play.

Always try to get in the auction. That's why we have overcalls and balancing bids. Don't compete too aggressively when you're vulnerable, but don't let them steal from you, either. It sometimes feels like a fine line between possible actions. It may be dangerous to bid on but it may be more dangerous to pass and let them steal the hand. This bidding judgment is refined over the years through bitter experience for most of us. :-(

I like to say "if you bid 'em up, you need to play 'em up"! Work on your declarer play. Write down the hands and study them later. How could that hand have been made? I used to carry hands around on index cards trying to figure out the best line of play. Ask a better player--they are usually happy to give their opinion!

One more hand from Wed. night. LHO opened 1H and Frank overcalled 1 S with:


I raised to 2S with:


We were plus 110 and our teammates were plus 110 in 2 hearts. Win 6 imps. There was apparently no overcall at the other table. Get in the bidding!

See you at the table!

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